SCR Battery Chargers

We manufacture fully automatic thyristor controlled & Buck/Boost chargers. These are available in float cum boost constant voltage, constant current types.These Chargers can be used to charge Lead acid, SMF or Ni-cd batteries range from 20AH to 2000AH and 12V to 384V and any custom range.

The FCBC Battery charger once installed performs well throughout the years irrespective of input fluctuation load variation with in the range specified.


  • Fully Automatic SCR Controlled battery charger.
  • Auto boosting , Auto over volt cut off
  • Auto current limit control
  • DC volt meter , Ammeter-Optional
  • Trigger boost cum changer And as per customer specification


Industrial Rectifier is a device meant for changing high voltage AC to low voltage DC used for different applications across the industry. The rectifiers are manufactured using hi- end machines and are tested to ensure that these are in compliance with standards. Further, these are available in standard and customized shapes.

Full Wave Rectifier & Half Wave Rectifier is a device to change high voltage A.C to low voltage D.C used for different industrial application rectifier are available


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